Melbourne Hotel

Melbourne Hotel

33 Milligan Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia | View Map
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Joel Barbitta

Melbourne Hotel

Buchan en tant que Architectes.

A striking mid-rise boutique hotel development expanding the capacity of this late 19th-century heritage ‘gold rush’ hotel.

The completely refurbished hotel comprises 22 refurbished heritage rooms and 51 new rooms. Rooms share a circulation ‘street’ space woven through and around the heritage building. A three-level glazed conservatory space delineates the original 1897 building fabric and the new boutique rooms. Within, the materiality expressed contrasts the rustic and textural rear of the building with a contemporary internal façade. It includes an extended food and beverage offer, an expanded function and business facility and new rooftop bar.

photo_credit Joel Barbitta
Joel Barbitta

Two scales predominate. Low rise frontages to the streetscapes, and new six-level bookend extensions to both heritage façades. These bookends are visually separated from the adjacent heritage building with a vertical glazed setback slot, allowing views out and expressing the extent of the original building.

The complexities of the development, such as a heritage listing, melding old with the new, creating potential for a second stage office or serviced apartment building and a very tight construction site led Buchan to be pragmatic and flexible with the design and construction method.

photo_credit Joel Barbitta
Joel Barbitta

The result is a refurbished boutique hotel that engages with its history and creates a vibrant energy from the contemporary design of new facilities and spaces.


Commendation, Heritage Award
AIA Western Australia 2020, Winner
WA's Best Redeveloped/Refurbished Hotel, Australian Hotels Association Perth Airport Accommodation Awards for Excellence 2019
Commendation, Commercial Award, AIA Western Australia 2018

Photography: Joel Barbitta

photo_credit Joel Barbitta
Joel Barbitta
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