Mega Outdoor LED Display / Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Mega Outdoor LED Display / Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

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The largest exterior Concave Screen in the world

LED DREAM en tant que Specialists in Visual Media solutions, based on led display technology.

• Description:

The ODYSSEY IBIZA screen, designed, manufactured and installed by LED DREAM, is the largest concave exterior LED screen in the world, with an area of ​​400m2. This screen is intended to be a unique and exclusive advertising support. A limited number of sponsors will illuminate the skyline of Ibiza, including Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza as the main sponsor (Main Sponsor).


Located in the most “in” area of ​​the island, on the facade of the Hard Rock Hotel, next to the Ushuaïa Hotel and the Sublimotion Restaurant, the LED screen will broadcast 24 hours a day for 6 months from May to October. More than 18 million hits in the season, with a minimum of 8,640 daily spots and 24 hours of broadcast without interruption.

Its concavity of 8.7 degrees offers a unique outdoor visual experience, simulating a 3D effect. In addition, it reduces the distortion of the image and the lateral reflections. The support structure has been an authentic work of engineering, and is composed of a substructure of uprights and anchoring accessory according to calculation, which in turn should allow the subjection of the spectacular curtain wall of extra-clear and laminated safety glass, modulation 1, 20x 1.20m, stainless steel patch fitting punctual fastening system. The result, even with the screen off, is simply spectacular.


• Technical solutions:

  -Special costumized Led curtain product

  -400sqm Total surface area

  -8,640 spots per day and 24 hours uninterrupted broadcast


• Specifications:

The modular display of high definition LEDs for exteriors has very few specifications, and was completely made to meet all the requirements set by the client (Hard Rock), the location, the Air Safety Agency and the authorities of the island.  Each of its horizontal bars has a specific angle of inclination to avoid light pollution in the airspace and in the ecosystem of the island, and also the cabinets are irregular to allow the fastening of the brackets that hold the curtain wall. Moreover, a great work of architectural engineering, and one of the most important digital signage projects of recent years.

  -Category: DOOH 

  -Solution: Mega convex outdoor Led Display

  -Country: Spain

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Specialists in Visual Media solutions, based on led display technology
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