Medical Spectrum Twente

Medical Spectrum Twente

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Medical Spectrum Twente

ARUP en tant que Ingénieurs.

Designed by IAA Architects, the Medical Spectrum Twente, one of the biggest non-academic hospitals in the Netherlands, is to get a completely new housing. Arup’s work on this project consists of design of building services, concepts for sustainable climate control and optimising the glass roof design.

The complex is located near the inner city of Enschede. A new building covers an area of 75,000m2 and will be built adjacent to the current hospital.

Designed as an open hand with outstretched fingers, the structure of the building inspires a feeling of openness. A glass roof covers the area between the ‘fingers’, creating six atria. These atria open up the building and allow generous space for air circulation.

Arup used lifecycle analyses to support the choice of design, demonstrating this to be the most efficient solution in the medium to long term. The atria are central to the climate control concept of the hospital, and Arup played a key role in optimising the design. The concept for the building was developed with the variety of users in mind. The needs of patients, staff and visitors can vary significantly, and the design needed to allow for this. For example, each patient is able to control the temperature of their immediate surroundings using an infrared panel - without affecting the ambient temperature of medical staff work areas.

The structure of the roof optimises use of natural light while restricting excessive solar gain.

With the IAA Architects and Arup design, the Medical Spectrum Twente has chosen a building that will have a positive effect on the hospital – both as a work environment and a place that assists patient recovery.

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