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Studiocomplex from V8 offers theatrical television with a rough edge

V8 architects en tant que Architectes.

The building ‘Mediahaven’ in the Minerva harbour, Amsterdam is now completed. Designed by architects V8, the design refers to the scale and character of the ports; robust details determine the interior and exterior. Concrete, steel and glass make up the palette of materials. The flexible ´black box, the essence of the television studio, is the leitmotiv for the architecture of the building.

With its rough appearance and commanding, beautiful vistas, the western port of Amsterdam is set to transform over the coming years to a vital urban environment with creative companies and institutions. The ‘Mediahaven’ is an important stepping stone to that vision, and is realized to meet the growing demand for television production in Amsterdam.

What makes ‘Mediahaven’ different is that it is shows ‘behind the scenes’ of making television in combination with a theatrical experience afforded to the audience. The building includes the working places from screenwriter to TV presenter all in one building. The presence of the audience at shooting emphasizes the open character and makes the dynamics of the television felt to both creator and spectator.

The entrance with stairs acts as a red carpet is linked to the atrium. This space functions as a foyer during TV recording, and is visible as a beacon from the harbor. The foyer can be opened through industrial folding doors 5 meters high and connects the studio with the harbour. The fully glazed façade combined with the atrium gives each user a splendid view and provides a transparent and inspiring working environment.


The rough expression of the interior is made possible by combining traditional building methods and integrated installations. The construction method is based on the principle that the concrete construction is the architectural finishing. It expresses how the structure is built, including exposed formwork planking in the ceilings. The climate installations including air are integrated in the floors. The concrete skeleton thus offers heating and cooling through thermal mass with heat and cold storage in the soil. The lighting is combined with baffles and forms an integral part of the interior. One single compact core comprises all facilities and provides access to the garage, the production areas and the changing rooms. The design allows for a future extension with offices above the 1,200 m2 studio.

The consequent design of the building, the consistent use of concrete as a building material and the spacious dimensions gives the users of the studios and offices the ability to adapt to future needs and requirements. These qualities, along with industrial details and great location will give the dynamics of television a permanent theatrical place.

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