Transformation of MCH Arena

Cubo Arkitekter A/S en tant que Architectes.

With the construction of new buildings, facades and overhangs, as well as upgrading of the outdoor spaces and enhancing the visual expression strengthens the functional and architectural context of Denmark's largest fair and exhibition area and establishes a new coherent guest experience.

The overall plan establishes a new centre that, with its simple geometry, landscape and planting, structures the entire exhibition area in a simple and clear manner.

Closely integrated with the area in front, the new arrivals building couples directly onto the existing Jyske Bank Boxen. The building will serve as a meeting place, waiting-area and open space for 2.500-3.000 people, and it may also serve as a stage for smaller, independent events.

The project for the dynamic illumination of the facades have been developed by the multidisciplinary architectural office Kollision.

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