Maxposure Media Group Office

Maxposure Media Group Office

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Dev Singh

Maxposure Media Group Office

M:OFA Studios Pvt ltd en tant que Architectes.

Programme: Designing of an Office space for a Media design and publishing company to accommodate various teams in an open plan environment

Background: MaXposure Media Group (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a full service media company spread across the dimensions of Publishing, Creative Solutions, Events, Custom Publishing, Ambient Media, International Representation and Outsourcing. Founded by Mr. VikasJohari and a subsidiary of Gruner +Jahr (G+J), MaXposure designs 29 consumer and corporate magazines across verticals in 15 national and international languages that are available in over 170 countries worldwide.

Concept Note |It is not a simple task designing an office for a Media design Company that deals with multiple verticals. An Office that is usually buzzing with creative ideas, colors, fonts and stories, it was extremely important for us to give them a wide canvas, an open platform where each volatile idea gets captured well nourishing a suitable creative environment. The site provided the designers with a great height to play with; hence we opted for an open plan keeping the democratic nature of the office. A mezzanine was planned at the end of the office to house the accounts section on top and a small ideation room with two executive cabins below.

The design language is kept simple with industrial overtones through the use of exposed steel structure and all the service ducts and conduits. The overall white and neutral colour scheme is broken at the workstations level, through the use of synchronized colors over the upholstery. Lighting was designed keeping two factors in mind; appropriate lux levels at every workstation through the use of white linear lights; secondly, the large industrial reflectors hovering over the space like a cloud mix in the warm yellow light providing coziness to this otherwise large open space. Also the large green light reflectors were used as metaphors depicting the idea bulbs hanging over the heads.

Materials |Structural Steel, Exposed Brickwork,Porcelain Tiles, Laminate flooring, glass, wallpaper

Design Team: Manish Gulati, Chitvan Trivedi, Sameeksha Gulati

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