Matsuhisa Denver

Matsuhisa Denver

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Matsuhisa Denver

Rowland+Broughton Architecture and Urban Design en tant que Architectes.

Alongside Nobu Matsuhisa and the ownership team, R+B set out to create a space that continues to evolve the concept of the Matsuhisa culture for the 7,800 sq ft Cherry Creek location. In order to remain true to the Japanese culture, a thoughtful, unique, humble and purposeful design was sought. Using the travel experience of R+B principals Sarah Broughton and John Rowland to Japan, along with a collaborative and thoughtful design process, the team developed a clear concept. Matsuhisa Denver is an exquisitely designed restaurant that elevates Denver’s dining experience. The muted, natural palette provides an elegant setting for the unique food presentation.


R+B created a space that is welcoming and inviting for guests. Utilizing deliberate textural contrast and carefully designed lightscapes, the ambiance for an exquisitely designed sushi restaurant that elevates Denver’s culinary palate was born. A soothing, natural palette provides an elegant setting for the unique food presentation. Reclaimed Indonesian teak unifies the design as the floor, many walls, ceilings, bar and millwork were all custom crafted from the same material. The sliding partition walls are also teak with resin panels that have a compelling story of their own; trimmings of prayer paper that is made by monks in the Himalayas is pressed in the resin. The paper is handmade from shrubs indigenous to the area.

Since the site is oriented on the corner of a busy intersection, it was important to focus the guest experience internally. We did this by cloaking the windows in a custom designed wood screen system. The pattern is inspired by the traditional Japanese Asanoha, or hemp leaf, pattern. It is layered to create visual texture and becomes more open at the top, allowing for a glimpse of Colorado’s bluebird sky during the day.

 Other elements were also designed to acknowledge the Colorado locale. The back bar wall is clad in leathered Sandalwood sandstone quarried from the Western Slope. The Zen garden rock, while inspired by Japanese artist Masatoshi Izumi, was selected from a local supplier and quarried in our home state. The sloped acoustic ceiling is reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains visible to the west.

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Marrone Toscana Limestone Ann Sacks
Reclaimed Teak in Brushed Tobacco FinishIndoteak Design
Brushed and Flamed Basalt Stone Waterworks
Fiche technique du produit
Marrone Toscana Limestone
Reclaimed Teak in Brushed Tobacco Finish
Brushed and Flamed Basalt Stone
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