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The development of the terraced tower allowed us to create a form that would break the monotony of the residential towers and compact monotone Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi and at the same time to have apartments with generous terraces overlooking the sea. The trend of stepped terraces also allows you to undo the sense of vertigo that you have on towers of this height and the apartments with a head for excellent visibility, unique to the city of Abu Dhabi.

The building, which is spread over 29 floors, of which two of the podium, with 3 levels of underground parking, consists of 481 apartments and duplexes of various sizes, commercial spaces, public facilities such as swimming pool and gymnasium, 600 parking spaces , for a total area of ​​about 80,000 square meters,

UPA, after developing the final draft to be given in integrated contract manufacturer, has subsequently been called to re-adjust the final design of the manufacturer, in particular the façade, strongly modified with respect to the final design and to develop the interior design of parts common.

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