Major Experience Lounge

Major Experience Lounge

Thonglor Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand | View Map
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Major Experience Lounge

makeAscene en tant que Interior designer.

In the furious real estate development scene, the branding projection becomes crucial element in differentiation from the others. The perceived sensation toward certain brand contribute to more than half of the decisive factors. People are choosing to be in one project just to express their social status and not just for basic living accommodation anymore.


To materialize the brief abstraction of how ones perceived the client’s corporate branding. The real estate developer mostly involving in luxury residential projects with contemporary style. The designer tried to reinvent the branding image instead of recreating the existing one, paving the passage to the broader possibilities.


   The tradition contemporary decoration element then dissected and reassembled into new composition while still maintaining the same attribute. The overall decoration then becomes modern interpretation of the classical contemporary style.  The wireframe elements conceptualized the traditional borders while the focal element like chandelier consisted of minimalist brass ‘cone’ elements composed in to. 


                General planning arrangement were placed around the main oval shaped table, like sitting around campfire. The table is lit with city map with developer’s iconic project pinned on the map to passively add to the credential of the developer.  The rest of the seating area were arranged into smaller group satellite around the central oval table.


The adjacent displaying area allowing the flexible arrangement to suit the various needs for different occasion like project launching, seminar..etc. Further to this area is the passageway designed to be the ‘hall of fame’ displaying various awards in the jewel case shelves, leading to the mock-up show unit further inside.


                The muted color palette and neutral material selections adds to the sophisticated mood & tone of the space as the user came and experience. The not-too-shiny gold element along with subtle lighting effect adds up to the sense of heritage and stand the test of time.


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