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The house is located in the settlement of Kamari on the island of Paros. It has west orientation on the long side, facing the sea and Antiparos. The housing volumes are lined up linearly to the view, creating a courtyard attached to the slope on the south side.

Courtyards are formed adjacent to the living room, in dependence on the natural slope. The roofed pergola courtyard is protected from the northern winds in direct relation to the living room and the pool.

A wide staircase connects the outdoor sitting with the water element. On the rooftop, a lounge area is formed with panoramic views of the mountains and the sea extending the outdoor space on the roof of the house. The staircase leading to it, constitutes an integral design element.

The large volume of a single building, breaks down intosmaller ones, directly adapted to the terrain. In this way the adjustment of the building in the landscape is smooth and the volume of the housing is as small as possible.

The house is positioned along an existing plateau. Great emphasis is given to the "fifth" aspect, ie roofs, as the housing is adapted to the natural environment.

The design of the openings is associated with the architectural style of the building. The element of repetition and standardization of openings dominates the design leaving the white volumes almost intact.

On the interior, jointly with their owners, a pair of professionals in the cinema field, construction materials dominate the design, such as exposed concrete ceilings and industrial flooring as well as wood construction in white color, as a continuation of the walls.

The furnishings and décor were selected so to leave the shell intact, highlighting the selected furniture pieces. Vintage objects but also designer pieces from Greece and abroad were chosen, in order to create an aesthetically bridging between architecture and design.

The transformation of the morphological elements of the Cycladic architecture using a modern architectural language were, together with the integration into the natural landscape, the guiding design principles of this project

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