MailUp Group

MailUp Group

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy | View Map
Année du projet
Andrea Martiradonna
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Meeting seatsArper SPA
Light in entrance area Muuto
WorkstationManerba Spa
Support area seats and sofasMoroso

Fiche technique du produit
Meeting seats
Light in entrance area
Support area seats and sofas
by Moroso
by Omnitex

MailUp Group

Progetto CMR en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

The first thing one notices when entering the new MailUp Group Headquarters in Milan is the rupture from the traditional and classical idea of a workplace.


MailUp Group is a young Company, which provides digital services and, thanks to the nature of its business already projected towards digital dynamics, has right from the get-go, sponsored smart working activities and a complete sense of trust towards its employees.


The new workspace - concept design by Progetto CMR and build design by Progetto Design & Build - has the double and important goal of representing on the one hand, the company's core values but also, on the other, of being a physical place for the people to refer to the same people that recognize themselves in the company’s values and have the pleasure of working there.


Graphics, colors, special materials and unconventional furnishings significantly characterize the whole environment and make the whole layout profoundly unique.


All elements are conceived as antithetical and complementary: this contributes to creating a suggestive, playful and illusory atmosphere that amuses those who daily work in these spaces and excites visitors who enter it for the first time.


The graphic work, specifically, is conceived in a smart and ironic way. Many real objects set up into the space, such as lamps or plants, are repeated graphically in a continuum of color lines that create a double copy on the wall. Optical and geometric graphics define the lunch area.


This graphic message is characterized by the sapient use of colors that derives from a careful study of complementary and lively tones of a same palette.


Another ironic illusion present along the corridor that sets the tone of the unique detailing of this workplace is the glass brick wall. This element guides the light in a deceptive way and gives back a feeling of lightness, transparency and brightness despite its intrinsic nature of being a full brick wall.


The presence of many areas of support in MailUp Group Headquarters demonstrates that the office has been expressly designed to encourage interaction, creativity and the brainstorming of innovative ideas.


In the Core Area overlooking the reception of the building at the ground floor, for example, the admittedly outdoor-type of furniture and the green-colored carpet, as well as the many plants and green elements, recreate the game of antithetical appearances and illusory continuum that brings "the outside, indoor".


Organic shapes and natural materials generally characterize a welcoming and pleasant environment that encourages movement and cooperation.


The meeting rooms are informal and even the few closed offices for Management are available to others by booking them, when not in use.The articulation of the open and flexible space reflects the workplace’s lack of hierarchy and the trust that the company places in its collaborators, in teamwork and in sharing knowledge.