Madrid Book Fair Townhall Pavillion

Madrid Book Fair Townhall Pavillion

Madrid, Spain | View Map


sol89 en tant que Architectes.

Spanish publishing companies store thousands of books whose destination is incineration because they have mistakes of printing or haven’t been sold. Acquisition and reprieve of these books was our Project Strategy, we’ll build with them a temple as in The Library of Babel by Borges. Books which contains stories and if we recycle them, they will be able to receive other new stories. In the Bradbury’s book, Fahrenheit 451, it isn’t casual how books are the elements to destroy because they are the material symbol of Knowledge. This condition of books as materia can recreate the image of those libraries whose spaces look as built with structural walls of books.

This project suggests building the pavilion with thick walls of reprieved books. The vision around the park will be through the colored piles of book; this will create a friendly atmosphere and a more dense relation with the park.

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