Madden Park Ribbon Cutting

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Madden Park Ribbon Cutting

sofSURFACES Inc. en tant que Manufacturer of duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tiles.

When you ask Raymond Giacobbe, Mayor of Rahway, NJ what the number one priority is for the parks within his community, he’ll tell you “It’s the safety of our children”. We started working with the City of Rahway several years ago when they approached us about improving the safety of their parks. Now, after several park transformations, it has become very apparent that not only are their parks cleaner and safer, but one park at a time, they are helping to bring their communities closer together.

This is a great example of “begin with the end in mind”! Understanding that upfront investment in a unitary surfacing system like draSAFE far outweighs the long-term material and labor costs associated with maintaining a loose fill system such as engineered wood fiber, mulch or pea stone gravel. It has always been a concern for the City of Rahway – maintaining their parks to that children in their communities have a safe place to play. Mike Small, Director of Public Works for the City of Rahway will tell you when you find a product that is safe, that can save you time, cost, energy and man power, everyone wins.

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Manufacturer of duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tiles
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Manufacturer of duraSAFE Rubber Playground Tiles
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