M9 Workspace

M9 Workspace

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M9 Workspace

M9 Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

We designed our studio within a formerly disused attic space in an industrial suburb of Bangalore. We sought to maximise the space and reveal its character to provide an inspirational working environment whilst allowing our clients to experience our style of architecture and design.

The renovated attic provides us with a two-level loft-like workplace featuring steel trusses and cement finished walls. The steeply sloping roof allowed us to insert a mezzanine loft beneath the rafters. A metal staircase leads to the upper level which is essentially an intimate discussion cum model making space. Cabinets and bookshelves divide the space into different zones. Nothing in our office is pretending to be anything else - what we see is the way it is - the original material itself. Just the way we like it!

Each person’s world is unique and has its own flavour depending on where you look at it from. Our main focus is on creative expression and giving everybody the freedom to express themselves the way they are. All the graphical elements in the studio are done reflecting this attitude. The illustrations are interactive depending on the place and situation, indicating and hinting to the quirky in-house activities. To us - from scale and proportions, to the things we use like helmets, trolleys, ladders, etc. - everything plays an integral part in the design process and here the illustrations are inspired and exaggerated to show the impact they play in our life.

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