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M Villa

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M Villa

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This duplex villa is situated on a 600-m2 land plot adjacent to the Hoi An River in Quang Nam Province,Vietnam. The surrounding context is still wild and under-developed, with lots of nipas being the signaturetree of the area.


The challenge of this project is to effectively exploit the surrounding landscape and inject soul into theproject via the use of local materials. Moreover, the project has to be able to endure the harsh climate inHoi An, with a long rainy season and a very cold winter. Even worse, this location witnesses frequentstorms and floods every year.


D1 proposes the idea of using a large coconut leaf roof covering the function. From a distance, the villalooks like a large tent. Living areas are positioned on the exterior while the interior space inside isreserved for resting. At the same time, both spaces are seamlessly connected to the surrounding nature.


To effectively take advantage of the beautiful surrounding landscape, the design minimizes walls to themax in order to maximize wide angle. All functions are arranged vertically, leaving the ground floor open,flexible, and easy to move in case water level rises during heavy rainy season.


Local materials and skilled craftsmanship are greatly employed. This helps create a harmonicallyintegration between the project and its surrounding scenes and landscape. More importantly, this allowsfor the preservation and promotion of traditional crafting villages amid today’s mass production age inVietnam.


Material Used:

1. Natural stone – Fence, Swimming pool Cladding-  Local stone

2. Terazoo - Floor – Local craftsman

3. Natural wood –Main structure, interior, roof frame, ceiling, windows,

doors – Local  wood

4. Steel - Stairs, rail

5. Brick – Wall – Local brick

6. Coconut leaf – roof – Local craftsman

7. Bamboo – Structure of Reception area, bamboo curtains – Local craftsman.

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