M-Store Souvenir

M-Store Souvenir

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M-Store Souvenir

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Type of project: store design Project: M-Store Location: Barcelona, Spain Status: Built Client: Moritz External Reference Project team: Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla, IED Master Students

Mortiz, a beer sold worldwide, is taking place in a building refurbished by Jean Nouvel. Our assignment: to create an eye-catching M-Store design which changes every six months as well as a display window for state the trade of Moritz. The concept design arose in collaboration with the Master of interior design, IED Barcelona.

The souvenirs shown on pilled rhombuses, in order to lead the visitor through the varied weighted topography-showcase, are the recognition value for the corresponding cities. A map affixed to the wall showcases all certain spots whereabouts Moritz is active all over the world. Therefore, a fibre connects the relevant well-known souvenir with the appropriated locality on the map to make the volume of trade of Moritz beer accessible to the customer.

For the window a huge “M” is made out of the three different coloured best-known Moritz beer bottles. Beyond that the translucent of the bottle affords the sun to shine trough and allows the passing visitors to catch a glimpse of the Moritz beer world.

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