Lushan West Sea Art Center
Arch-Exist Photography

Lushan West Sea Art Center

PLAT ASIA en tant que Architectes.

Project located in a lakeside at Lushan West Sea Resort, Jiujiang, China. The art center integrated as a multi-functional cultural complex. The client initially planned a small scale renovation on façade and interiors of the original building was not used 5 years. After analyzing the site conditions and environment, the architect proposed a renovation on the whole site, includes architecture, landscape and interiors. The goal of design is not satisfying function itself but rebuilding a sense of place. 


photo_credit Arch-Exist Photography
Arch-Exist Photography

The design strategy focuses on dialogue with the natural environment, architecture, and human as well. Inspired by the graceful vistas, iconic culture profile of Lushan West Sea, a prototype of SHANSHUI paintings, these contextual clues combined with the perception of the undulated lake and wavy terrain, the architect derives the concept of “Ridge” from its topography. These curled structures outline the site, Ridge broken ground, were simplified by the geometry principles, converged the energy of surroundings. The corrugated concrete texture showered by lights, reflected on shadows, is a part of nature. Ridge cross, open, sprawl, lift, offering an enjoyable experience in wanders. The original building was enveloped in Ridges, which forms diverse landscape routes and depicts different screens and the virtual SHANSHUI Painting. 

photo_credit Arch-Exist Photography
Arch-Exist Photography

The renovation of the original building composed of two parts: Demolishing a small structure on west which disturb the conversation between architecture and nature. Expanding building to east and west is to achieve strong connection between interior space and landscape. For interior, basically keeping its original structure, and inserted a cross arch system which is echoed to the Ridge. The new façades try to maximize its transparency, letting the views penetrate from inside to outside. Two different leveled waterscape placed in front of building is visual connection between lake, West Sea, and building. All touches and designs are considered to rebuild a sense of place, and finally let human being to a part of nature.

photo_credit Arch-Exist Photography
Arch-Exist Photography

Architects naturalize the place and respect the context, bridging the architecture, surroundings, and human with natural perception and vigor.

photo_credit Arch-Exist Photography
Arch-Exist Photography

Project credits

Project Name: Lushan West Sea Art Center

Location: Lushan West Sea Resort, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi, China

Type: Renovation, Exhibition space

Client: China Overseas Grand Oceans Lushan West Sea (Jiujiang) Investment Co., Ltd. 


Architects: PLAT ASIA 

Scopes: Site, Architecture, Interiors 

Design Team: PLAT ASIA atelier d – DH Jung, Guowei Liu, Jingyun Lian, Yuanyu Liao, Teng Xue

Site Area: 600 square meters

Materials: Texture Coating, Corrugated Metal Panel, Glass, Wood Veneer 

Design Period: 03/2020 – 07/2020

Completion Time: 05/2021 

Photo: Arch-Exist Photography; ONE THOUSAND DEGREES IMAGE

Video: PLAT ASIA ndn lab 


Architecture Construction Design: China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute 

Interiors Construction Design: YiBoChuan Deepening Design (Shanghai) 

Lighting Design: z design and planning 

Decoration Design: YUANBEN DESIGN 

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