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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Dark Heather Plain TilesDreadnought Tiles
Integrated Photovoltaic PanelsGB-Sol
Metallic silver rainwater goodsLindab
Pulso grey stained Douglas Fir claddingPIVETEAUBOIS
Grey stained Douglas Fir garage doorsRundum Meir
Fuji Bromo blend bricksThe Bespoke Brick Company

Fiche technique du produit
Integrated Photovoltaic Panels
by GB-Sol
Metallic silver rainwater goods
by Lindab
Pulso grey stained Douglas Fir cladding
Grey stained Douglas Fir garage doors
Fuji Bromo blend bricks

Lovedon Fields

John Pardey Architects en tant que Architectes.

Lovedon Fields responds to its threshold position between Kings Worthy and the South Downs National Park. The scheme for 50 houses and apartments includes an extension to an existing park with an area of open ecological grassland which mediates between the formal civic park and the open countryside beyond.


Taking a cue from the surrounding villages, many of the houses are orientated gable end on to the road - originally this would have allowed access to small-holding land behind. The architecture also references traditional house forms with prominent chimneys and sloped roofs – and agricultural buildings – barn-like openings and weathered timber cladding. Variegated buff brick reflects the chalk and flint tones of the earth the houses sit on. Grey stained timber cladding, dark heather plain roof tiles, green grey (RAL 7003) window frames and metallic silver rainwater goods complete a palette that sits gently in this rural location.


A single point of access and two distinct organizational elements – an open space and an avenue – create a highly legible scheme.


Houses flanking the main avenue run along the contours, positioned end on to the road to give through views to the park and South Downs beyond. These homes also face onto the new park which can be accessed through the gates at the end of each garden. Other dwellings are arranged around a triangular green inviting informal play and interaction with other residents. Seats, balconies and terraces enliven the streets whilst slatted timber garage doors punctuate terraces with glimpsed views to the countryside beyond. Many of the houses also have generous south-facing roof terraces.


Houses generate a large proportion of their own electricity through integrated solar PV panels on the roof. Excess electricity is sold to the National Grid via a community battery which manages supply fluctuations.


Sustainable drainage takes advantage of the site’s topography, with planting to remove pollutants before water drains through the free draining soil into an aquifer. Houses incorporate bird and bat boxes and bee bricks whilst reinforced hedge boundaries provide wildlife habitats and foraging routes. A Swift Tower has been erected in the wildflower and grassland meadow.


Material Used :

1. Fuji Bromo blend bricks– Bespoke Brick Company

2. Pulso grey stained Douglas Fir cladding - Piveteaubois

3. Grey stained Douglas Fir garage doors – Rundum Meir

4. Composite Timber Aluminium Windows (RAL 7003) - Velfac

5. Dark Heather Plain Tiles – Dreadnought

6. Integrated Photovoltaic Panels – GB Sol

7. Metallic silver rainwater goods - Lindab

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