Los Jameos del Agua

Los Jameos del Agua

Carrillo Arquitectos
Getafe, Spain | View Map
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In this project of single-family homes in Getafe we ​​have applied a concept that arises from the phenomenon of -Jameos del agua-; a natural space and an art, cultural and tourism center devised by César Manrique. Located in the north of the island of Lanzarote, it is also considered an area of ​​ecological sensitivity. For this reason, we want to achieve a unique space from the place where the project is located. This concept has inspired a promotion of 20 single-family homes, within the neighborhood of -El Bercial-, in the municipality of Getafe. The site is bordered on its three sides by streets; three roads with road and pedestrian traffic and one pedestrian. This allows us to obtain four facades from the set. The project aims to respond to a situation of "urban unity" emerged as a small finding, something different found at random, just as when an astrologer suddenly discovers that heavenly body that he was looking for precisely in the most unexpected place. On the other hand, the term of Jameos alludes to the volcanic tubes that lack crowning and these specifically belong to the great underground cavity - one of the largest in the world - that runs from the Corona Volcano. The spectacular geological space of Jameos del Agua was a place that was already known but was in a state of neglect and degradation. In the common areas, the formal details of the furniture, decoration, gardening or lighting have been taken care of in the project inspired by this natural phenomenon.

With a design that differentiates it from its surroundings, Los Jameos del Agua combines the privacy of a single-family home with the ease of a neighborhood relationship in interior common areas equipped with sports facilities and living areas, simply opening the door to our back porch. José María Carrillo exposes the key that will continue in his spatial intervention: with the play of cracks as perforated or eroded by water on the facades, materialized in the envelope with concrete panels and aluminum composite panels, and reminiscent of the natural phenomenon del Lapiaz, in tune with contemporary artistic languages ​​in contrast to more serene lines that turn to a central area with green areas, different hard textures and the sheet of water in the pool reminiscent of the Jameos del Agua. A recipe that is synthesized in the binomial Art-Nature and that gives rise to a masterful combination of landscape and aesthetic value.

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