Loreal Professional Academy

Loreal Professional Academy

Group DCA
Mumbai, India
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Loreal Professional Academy

Group DCA en tant que Architectes.

Loreal Academy: L'oreal Professional Products Development Academy Marathon Futurex, Mumbai

AN OVERVIEW Professional Products Development Academy for L’oreal is a state of the art Academy to train professionals and educate them in the latest products. The design creates interactive spaces for these professionals to work in multifunctional zones that blend together seamlessly. The proactive approach to sustainable design is demonstrated in this project through water efficiency and energy consumption along with innovation in design, especially in creating a space which has the ability to transform itself into a huge space for promotional events and then re-transform itself into classrooms, a challenging requirement in the design brief. In words of the client, “the final outcome has turned out to be one of the top education academies in the world for L’oreal Group Worldwide, which is Platinum LEEDS certified”.

DESIG N FEATURES The design is oriented towards a very effective zoning so as to maximize the influx of natural light as deep as possible into the Academy. (Daylights sensors are used to ensure optimum LUX levels for the comfort of the students.)

Perimetric Planning results in a focal space in the center. With doors opening in this spill over area -the studio’s are defined by a series of sliding and folding partitions. To increase visual communication and to make sure natural light permeates deep into the central space, these partition are in glass.

Zoning is also critical to have the specialized classrooms (Kerastase and Keraskin) placed together, so as to club them if required for addressing a larger group. Entrance to these rooms is through the transition tunnel between the reception and the hair training zone. The moveable wall system is so designed to maximize space utilization, catering to the flexible design vocabulary. These partitions when folded and parked, create a unified space which caters to a stage and seating for about 150 professionals, during a product launch and/or promotional events. The adjoining areas fulfill the need for ancillary activities, like the training room on the left gets converted into the green room with a direct access to the restrooms.

APPROAC H TO SUSTAINABILITY All the parameters of the Platinum LEED Certification are met efficiently in the areas of Construction Management Energy and Atmosphere Material and Resources Water Efficiency

A lot of effort has been made to provide maximum lighting with minimum energy consumption. Needless to say, that with less than 0.7w/sq.ft of energy consumption for lighting , the Academy Design is very efficient and with least carbon footprint.

The extensive use of mirror on the ceiling and the vertical surfaces of the transition zone gave the manifestation of space. The wave pattern made of the DuPont solid acrylics added the much needed character and oomph to the event hall with the Led lights beaming through these waves. The Vinyl flooring with the look of warm cement concrete together with the engineered wooden flooring also reciprocated to get the whole desired look.

Taking a tour of space reveals the easy transition from reception to the academy through a series of tunnels Called the ‘Transition tunnel', that houses the camouflaged pantry which goes behind the mirror on one side And on the other side has the premium kerastase institute At the reception a secluded visitors lounge and the testing room has been cleverly planned to separate it from the academic zone. All the materials and the fixtures had been carefully selected to meet the LEED standards and which also in turn Complemented the overall design.

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