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Bhumiputra Architecture

Alok Shetty
Bengaluru, India | View Map
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Lookup HQ

Bhumiputra Architecture en tant que Architectes.

From the architect. Our design for Lookup's new offices is based on one core principle: the requirement of flexible, open workspaces for a young, dynamic team. Our vision was to design a space that was minimal yet confident and most importantly, efficient. Workstations in the 5,000 sft space range from standing desks (which encouraged a more active workplace), to tables you can write on, to cozy wall seats. Indigenous plant species served to differentiate spaces, while also improving air quality, and incorporating Lookup's trademark green colour.

A cluster of bright red, old-school telephone booths are used as ideal spots for Skype calls. At the very centre, a semi-circular amphitheater (fondly nicknamed “The Pitch”) transforms from brainstorming arena by day, to a recreational hub by night. The construction process was self-sufficient, with materials being sourced from local vendors registered with Lookup.

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