Log House

Log House

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects

Einar Jarmund
Oppdal, Norway | View Map
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Log House

Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects en tant que Architectes.

This family house in the mountain area of Oppdal  is placed on the upper part of a sloped site, offering great views towards the south. An annex is placed on the lower part of the plot with a courtyard formed between the two. Both buildings are timber log structures placed on an elevated base wall of concrete. This foundation wall is elevated in order to handle the height differences in the surrounding terrain. Decks and roof structures are made of massive wood.

The buildings combine traditional vernacular log techniques with a modern architectonic expression. This comes to show by using large glass surfaces mounted between the knots of the log structure. Interplay between open glass-framed parts and the log structure arises – creating varied spaces.

The cold part of the annex is built in another traditional technique. Remains of the timber material is used as ”bricks” set in mortar, which is possible because of the dry climate at the site.

The Log house is constructed of logs which is sustainable due to quick assembly and local “short travelled” materials and builders.JVA thinks it is necessary to explore the traditional technique and possibilities of log building in a contemporary way.

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