Loft B22

M+T architetti | Montalbò + Tanese en tant que Project manager.

The renovation project at number 22 in via Margherita in the city of Monopoli, reconfigures a historical vaulted space for "shop" use in a private home, starting from the comparison with the problems of a functional and privacy nature, in relation with the city. 
The compositional diagram of the project provides for the insertion of the functions related to housing positioned in relation to the street, through a gradient that places them from the most private to the least private. The storage of the functions of living, as in a shop, takes place according to the possible interactions with social flows. Dining, preparing, relaxing and sleeping are placed vertically in line with the spatial module. The result is an open, fluid space where the most intimate uses are placed in the most protected area of the environment. 
An environment of regular shape characterized by the positioning of a by a filter volume, almost a vestibule, a metal skin that wants to mitigate the perception of domestic use from the street and allow the insertion of private uses such as bicycle parking, the cultivation of domestic herbs and ventilation control. 


Other participants: Arch. Lucrezia Montalbò, Arch. Domenico Tanese, Arch. Alba Marcella

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Fiche technique du produit
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