Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Carpet TilesMilliken
Private offices, workstation, height-adjustable desksHaworth
Wall treatmentsPlyboo

Fiche technique du produit
Carpet Tiles
by Knoll
Private offices, workstation, height-adjustable desks
by Haworth
Wall treatments
by Plyboo

An Identity Re-imagined 

MKDA en tant que Concepteurs.

Viewing their New York City headquarters as a catalyst to a cultural shift, LISC moved from the Garment Center to Downtown Manhattan to start fresh. In contrast to their previous closed office environment, they wanted a new open plan space that would incorporate the latest design trends to help reshape their brand, part of which was a 75% open environment and an adaptation pre-COVID to 20% of its employees working from home.

The reimagination of their office began with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. MKDA used ergonomics and height- adjustable desks and natural woods, earthy colors, and green walls to improve air quality and wellbeing. Upon entering the open reception area, individuals are immediately drawn to clean and crisp natural colors, textures, upholstery and materials such as stone and wood. A spacious café, which includes numerous options for food and beverage service, offers an opportunity for socialization and healthy choices. The result is a warm and natural workplace that provides LISC employees with tangible comfort, functional support, and wellness. 

Collaboration and Branding

For MKDA, it was crucial to first establish connectivity across the two floors and various departments.  A staircase terminating with collaborative lounges on the upper and lower floors is not only key to that integration, but also a special feature of the office. The remainder of the floor plan provides varied room distribution with agile combinations as well as numerous advanced office systems. The open environment, with an even 1:1 ratio of collaborative to work seats, features 47 interior offices, 142 perimeter workstations, and an array of dedicated and free address spaces with communications support for a spectrum of focused and group work. Private offices are situated along the interior and low-rise workstations are situated along the window lines, allowing an abundance of light throughout the space. 

Each huddle room and collaborative area has its own identity, specifically designed to produce different work experiences and spark creativity among its employees. The design team used an array of sophisticated and innovative acoustical wall panels and materials to manage acoustical transference while also creating unique work experiences with bold colors, graphics, textures and patterns. Over the exposed slab ceilings, the design team used acoustical panels to mitigate sound transference or wood slat constructions with suspended light fixtures to differentiate special areas, such as reception and the cafe. These agile spaces support in-office and remote employees and include private rooms and phone booths, huddle rooms, breakout areas, conferencing rooms, and two multipurpose rooms that can be combined for a large boardroom. The space’s contemporary and engaging atmosphere embodies LISC’s new youthful image and their commitment to progressive and bold ideas.  

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