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Live in wood project was designed and developed by PAO architects as a concept of prefabricated houses. As small living spaces whether it's cabins, summer houses or permanent living place for people who looking for privacy or compact house, young families, senior people, student housing, camping houses and etc. The idea of this concept was to create relatively cheap living solution for small land plots. Architecture represents scandinavian minimalism, as the primary idea was cabins for Norwegian mountain. Houses are planned with huge attention to rationality. The biggest benefits of this designs is a modern and contemporary design, with orientation to relatively small budgets, fast construction, adaptive to different sites and the most important it is very convenient, sustainable and ecologic.. fast construction,easy to optimize for specific location and it's even possible to optimize as a floating houses somewhere on the shore of lake for example in Sweden or in canals of Netherlands. We consider this project as very versatile to optimize it in any situation. We are happy to present this projects as a concept and very first steps of developing. These are different design size is 80m²

Feedback is welcome. Any inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.


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