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Living Hub

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Egue y Seta
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Happy Yetty vase, Showtime ChairBD Barcelona Design
Pedant lamp Aim Flos
FabricantsNormann Copenhagen
Volta washbasinBathco
Olea rectangular
Outside wall lamp BOVER

Fiche technique du produit
Happy Yetty vase, Showtime Chair
Pedant lamp Aim
AIM by Flos
Volta washbasin
Olea rectangular by Bathco
Outside wall lamp

Living Hub

Egue y Seta en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

So much claiming for a better work-life balance and look at us now: They have become indistinguishable from one another. “Be careful what you wish for” goes the saying and once again we will have to acknowledge popular wisdom.


Now, when it seems home time will longer and more frequent tan ever, it also seems obvious that our home, besides sheltering our rest and relax moments be, will need to keep us connected to our relatives and the office.


The “ideal home” we bring to you today, offers what they all do: A place to share with your loved ones in intimacy, but also, and within the usual square meters, this particular home manages to integrate, through versatility and hinges, a series of spaces devoted to work, remote socializing, relaxation, insight, and evasion, all framed within an illusion of exteriority and close contact with nature.


That future was not going to look like 2021: Space Odyssey, we already knew; As we have come to understand that technologic – Smart environments don’t necessarily need to be super white, transparent or silver. You shouldn´t therefore be surprised to find this “connected home” particularly warm, familiar and cosy. That might be, at the end, what makes it a great home for the new future… for this new type of modernity that sneaked through the window without knocking at our doors.


Material Used :
Furniture and finishes:
Rattan lamp, vase, blanket and jute basket, by Zara Home

Black lacquered wardrobe, custom made by Disseny 9evo
Round blue rug, by Sukhi
Cesca chair, by Knoll.
Butterfly canvas chair, by Cuero Design

Livingroom - Diningroom – Kitchen
Vertical Surface:
Black microcement by futurcret.

Herringbone wood flooring.
Wall lamp Journey SHY2, &Tradition.
Happy Yetty vase by Jaime Hayon, BD Barcelona 

White curtains, by Living 66. 
Green cushions, by Textura Interiors.
Embroidered cushions, blankets, and hourglass, Zara Home.

Pictures and frames by Q4attro. 
Kitchen by Chef d'oeuvre 
Cesca chairs, Knoll. 
Rectangular wooden tray, Zara Home.
Pedant lamp Aim by FLOS. 

Outside wall lamp by Bover.
Outside white chairs Hee model, by Hay.
Santa Clara vase, by Sebastian Suite.

Auxiliary bathroom:
Vertical Surface and flooring:
Black microcement by futurcret.
Wall-mounted WC Emma model, by Gala.
White rectangular washbasin Olea model, by Bathco.
Bathtub Mitta model, by Gala.
Bathroom accessories, Bemede.
White towels, by Textura Interiors
Ceramic soap dispenser, Zara Home.
Pedant lamp Mega Bulb, by &Tradition.
Tile and sanitary furniture suply by Jòdul

Children's bedroom:
Vertical Surface:
Black microcement by futurcret. 
White and turquoise plastic paint

Herringbone wood flooring.
Gray wardrobe with wooden framing, custom made by Disseny 9evo
honeycomb blanket, by Textura Interiors.
Yellow velvet cushion, by Textura Interiors.
Yellow and gray embroidered cotton cushion, by Textura Interiors.
Colored tricot blanket on bed, by Textura Interiors.
White jute round rug, Zara Home.
Pictures and frames by Q4attro. 
Showtime Chair, by Jaime Hayon. BD Barcelona.
Mantis lamp BS2 Wall, DCW-editions.
Happy Yetty vase by Jaime Hayon, BD Barcelona 

Main bathroom:
In-Wash WC, by Roca.
Shower plate Neo model, by Nuovvo. 
Lavabo modelo Volta, de Bathco.

Bathroom accessories, Bemede.
White towels, by Interiors Texture
Soap dispenser and black resin tray, Zara Home.
Gold frame mirror, Zara Home.
Ceramic pieces Le Negresco BRISAS DE NIZA, by Sebastian Suite.
Pendant lamp by Ferm Living
Wardrobe lacquered in turquoise; custom made by Disseny 9evo
Tile and sanitary furniture suply by Jòdul

Master’s bedroom:
Vertical Surface:
Black and gray formwork effect microcement


Herringbone wood flooring
Coral colored cotton blanket, Zara Home
“En Femenino” sculpture, by Miguel Couto
Butterfly canvas chair, by Cuero Design
Auxiliary gold table, Zara Home
Pedant lamps Amp, by Normann Copenhagen
Black auxiliar table Componibili model, by Kartell
W Rattan Wardrobe, custom made by Disseny 9evo

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