Lighting for a Yavornytsky Boulevard in Dnipro

Lighting for a Yavornytsky Boulevard in Dnipro

Yavornytskoho St, 14, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000 | View Map
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Lighting for a Yavornytsky Boulevard in Dnipro

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The boulevard is located in the city's historical area, so it was essential to take this context into account in the lighting project solutions. The boulevard is lit with static warm white light and filled with various light and shadow effects.

A special design of luminaires was developed, with three types of adjustable cylinders that create different lighting effects.


The first ones provide light coming through the branches, creating contrasting shadows that imitate the effect of a forest.

The second type of lamps applies special craft glass lenses to recreate the effect of sun glare from the water.

The third type of luminaires provides contrasting white light in some places with catchy spots to emphasize the architectural details.


We really love beautiful shadows. With them, the light always gets more interesting.

In addition to living shadows from real trees, we first integrated special stencils into individual park supports, creating beautiful openwork shadows from branches to the pedestrian square. It results in a stunning monochrome play of shadows.

Another creative solution was to integrate light into decorative concrete elements. For this aim, in our workshop, we have developed a super-narrow three-degree luminaire, which gives sharp horizontal rays from a concrete elevation in a pedestrian plane.

All the boulevard's architectural elements were illuminated with neutral white and warm hidden light, and trees were also emphasized with warm light.

An original bright element is the illuminated park colonnade at the end of the boulevard. Using narrow beam lights, we illuminated the colonnade's façade with multiple light spots, creating a complex blend of gradient colors, as if from the polar lights. This solution made the colonnade a bright and dominant end of the monochrome and warm boulevard.

To illuminate the colonnade with several light spots, we installed luminaires with narrow-beam RGB lighting on four distant supports on both sides. They provide dynamic watercolor lighting that smoothly changes shades. And to make the light of the spotlights comfortable for passers-by, we have installed special anti-glare accessories.


All color solutions present the individually programmable content transmitted to the luminaires via the control server.


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