Post-industrial light-laser art installation Dnipro Light Flowers

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Dnipro Light Flowers is a light-art installation based on 13 inactive chimneys. The first highest chimney has already been completed. It is 120 meters high and covered with 700 point light sources, and a 50W laser is installed on the top.


The chimney is located on the territory of a former metallurgical plant. Now, as the plant is closed and its territory is being cleaned up, they decided to preserve the chimneys and turn them into art objects to honor the history of Dnipro city, its industrial past, which served to the country's intensive growth and development. With light technologies, we have transformed an inactive chimney into an art object, symbolizing a new vector of the city's development. From an industrial metropolis, Dnipro is turning into an innovative, technological, and eco-friendly city.


The installation is located on one bank of the Dnipro River and is perfectly visible from the opposite bank. Two special observation platforms are equipped with sound, so there you can watch a spectacular laser-light show with musical accompaniment in the city panorama twice a week.


The first and all subsequent chimneys will become a unique landmark in Dnipro, positively shape its new image, and increase the city's tourist attractiveness. One of the installation's functions is media lighting that helps convey powerful social messages. For example, for the International Day of Rare Diseases, we programmed the illumination in this day's symbolic colors. And on the day of honoring the people who died in the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 in Kyiv, the chimney turned into a huge candle with a symbolic ray-flame many kilometers long.


Besides, we came up with an interactive component of the installation. Everyone will be able to launch their own laser fireworks. To do that, a web application was developed where you can choose your laser fireworks and, by the donation to a charity organization, get the opportunity to launch them. To start the application, people can use light QR codes made on the observation platforms with gobo projectors. The first chimney, the soundtrack at the observation decks, and a web application are combined into a single cloud-based control system. The next 12 chimneys will also be connected to it. As a result, all 13 pipes will be wirelessly interconnected and will be illuminated altogether in a complex scenario.

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