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Library Fulda

Fulda, Germany
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Library Fulda

RhineScheme GmbH en tant que Paysage.

To define the centre of a campus - not only by words - means developing a suggestive architectural concept. It succeeds best by an abstract volume, by a pure shape, e.g. by a three-dimensional black square. Its proportions can be balanced out in a way that a centre of gravity is created towards which all existing buildings take a specific distance. Everything is then getting organized by a single building.

The landscape planning is underlining this concept by forming a cross of persistently linear spaces: open space as campus terraces, covered spaces as tree-lined parkways.

The building itself is a whole world. Open and closed spaces are formed by inserted volumes which enclose several levels. Voids and floor slabs crossing each other are allowing various views and perspectives and are creating sequences of spaces throughout the whole constructed volume. By this means a new form of fluent space is created which is able to melt all different functions into a unifying entity.

The façade of the building has a significant task, since it mediates between the image of an abstract volume and the interior holistic space. ‘Honeycombs’ are wrapping up the volume in an abstract way; on the other hand each honeycomb can be interpreted as window enabling inside and outside views onto the great variety of the interior space. The façade is hence becoming osmotic, covering a building that is attracting and permeable at the same time.

The building combines the abstract persistence of urban planning with a concrete and dramatic interior space concept, to form a gravitation field as well as an authentic, recognizable and contemporary image for the fascination of university and knowledge transfer.

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