LG Residence
Nelson Kon
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Staircase handrailArteal
Marbles and granites - GraniformCasa Franceza
Pool lampsEcopyre
Kitchen and laundry cabinetsOrnare
Wooden doorsPlancus Engenharia

Fiche technique du produit
Staircase handrail
by Arteal
Marbles and granites - Graniform
Pool lamps
by Ecopyre
by Lumini
Kitchen and laundry cabinets
by Ornare
Wooden doors

LG House

Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados en tant que Architectes.

The site, of 10,000 m² and adjacent to a beautiful native forest, was slightly downhill facing north and also the best view. The program of this house should be divided between "daytime area” and "night area”. The "night area” would be in higher floor, to provide warmth and safety in this period. On the other hand, the "daytime area” should stay in a lower floor with full connection to the outside and the garden. The rooms should be broad and open with many patios.


The architectural project set the arrival on ground floor in a block parallel block to the street, where there were implanted support areas such as garage, warehouses and a service residence. Separate of this block by generous service patio, but connected by a suspended walkway, a second block was defined, in which are developed the night and daytime program of the house itself. In the higher floor, but level with the arrival, is the family unit of the program, like an apartment, with living room, kitchen and bedrooms - the so-called "night floor".


On the lower level happens "daytime floor” with a second kitchen, guest’s bedroom and social verandas with leisure areas. A generous patio with double height ceiling in apparent concrete structure, supported by light and slim metal pillars, joins these two floors. An wooden lattice, facing the forest protects this patio of the rising sun.


Material Used :
1. Staircase handrail: Arteal Artefatos de Alumínio
2. Marbles and granites: Casa Franceza – Graniform
3. Pool lamps: Ecopyre
4. Elevators: Elevadores Zenit Eireli
5. Home cabinets: Giancotti Artefatos em Madeira
6. Lamps: Lumini
7. Garden lamps: Luxsim
8. Kitchen and laundry cabinets: Ornare
9. Wood deck: Pequia Marcenaria e Carpintaria
10. Wooden doors: Plancus
11. Barbecue grill: Polytec Churrasqueiras e Lareiras
12. Marble covers: Arabesco Marmores e Granitos LTDA
13. Box and mirrors: Vidraçaria Itatiba

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