LB Flat Renovation

LB Flat Renovation

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
Barcelona, Spain
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LB Flat Renovation

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes en tant que Architectes.

The old flats of hyperdensified areas of big capitals, such as Vila de Gràcia in Barcelona, is common that have problems of habitability.

The LB Flat Renovation is an example of the situation of many dwellings in neighborhoods of these characteristics and how to give a simple and effective solution. The small, narrow, elongated flat had obvious problems in bringing natural light to the innermost corners. An excess of compartmentalisation, strategically misplaced storage elements and a poorly used rear façade are the causes of the gloomy and precarious look.

The clients ask, with a tight budget, to improve the conditions of habitability of the dwelling taking into account in the design the two activities they like most: to read and to play with their granddaughters.

The first decision in the LB Flat Renovation was to remove all the partitions and interior elements and leave a completely diaphanous space from facade to facade. The next step was to improve the relationship between the house and the back terrace through more direct contact. Removing the kitchen from the gallery that gives access to the terrace will allow to open the facade and that the terrace is present even from the first moment you come into the apartment.

At this point you have to stop “remove” to “put” something. A single volume configures and articulates the hall, the bedroom and the main room. In addition, this self-sufficient structure contains the place to be used as a playroom or as a studio and storage spaces for all rooms. All in one. The most unique piece of the LB Flat Renovation is an autonomous wooden skeleton landed on the floor and leaning against the wall but without touching the vault, which helps the unitary understanding of the whole house.

The colors and materials of the LB Flat Renovation are quick to list; White and wood. The result is spacious and well-lit spaces perfectly adapted to the life and activity of the clients.

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