Latticework apartment block

Juana Canet Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The plot is located in an urban condition in the centre of Cala Ratjada, in a corner position, close to the sea and to the main square of the village. The program consists in having seven housing state’s dwellings, two premises and seven parking spaces.

The Project is based on achieving a set of goals, on the one hand, to respond with an optimal solution to the question of creating city and on the other one, on improving life conditions and achieve flexibility in social housing:

To the city: - The buiding volumetry responds on the one hand, to the neighbourghood tendency of the new constructions of being as tall as possible which replace the still existing single housing construction, that is why the new construction goes to the máximum height ; and on the other hand, we had the will to recover the single house in another way, so we ended up with a dúplex typology which is shown in the exterior of the housing.

- The facades correspond to the weather condition of the Mediterranean Region. The interior is protected from sun radiation by a latticeworkk skin made of singles of pine tree with a copper treatment. The panels of singles may be changed by the will of the user, so in Winter time, all the panels can stay open and on the other way round in Summer time. The walls are rendered in white color, to respond with the existing buildings nearby, making of it a simple and cheap construction.

On improving living condition in housing state dwelling: - On the one side, there is a will to increase the social relation among neighbours, by creating one exterior space where they can relate each other on every floor by the vertical core and on the third floor, by providing the a canopy, and on the other side, by increasing the interior space relationship of the dwelling with the exterior space, providing canopies and terraces in all of them. - All houses do have cross ventilation and they are double aspects to improve the inhabitants comfort. - A variety of dwelling typologies are given to the users having more options to decide whichever fits better to their condictions. All the dwellings have three rooms, one of it is adapted, three of them are dúplex and the remaining three are on the same level. - Flexibility of the dwelling layout is providing, by having all the partitions fixed to the finish floor, so the dwelling can be changed along the time. - The color’s use in the block interior allows to identify the user with their dwelling.

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