Laranjeiras Condominium (club and entrance)

Laranjeiras Condominium (club and entrance)

Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | View Map
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Laranjeiras Condominium (club and entrance)

Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados en tant que Architectes.


The project signed by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos for the new entrance and social clube Laranjeiras, in Paraty, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), was requested to replace the old leisure area that no longer met the current needs of the users.

The set of buildings began to be planned in 2016, followed by a Master Plan to define priorities and the construction schedule. In 2018, two blocks were completed, the gym and the children's area. In 2020, was carried out the construction of the main building, which centralizes the activities of the comunal areas: the restaurant, bar, games, party room, cafeteria and market.

The architects used for this project a construction system with prefabricated wooden structure. The work needed to be agile and this system, in addition to meeting the architectural proposal, solves the issue of agility. For the different blocks in the set, even built on different dates, the same model of portico and structures in the shape of two waters with small variations in spans (12 and 14 meters), pergolas and balconies in cantilever were used.

The eaves and balconies are the connecting elements between the blocks, always resulting in a light and delicate contact in the transition between the different spaces. The big challenge was to manufacture the wooden structures before the beginning of the work so that the execution of the main set was completed in only nine months. Materials such as wood, stone and clay roof tiles predominate.

The highlight of the project is the large span supported by the wooden porches, with special emphasis on the reception area and access to the complex. With a span of ten meters, a six-meter-high wooden honeycomb roof rests on two stone walls of the same height, forming a large empty space that crosses the whole, leaking it, anticipating the view of the marina for the visitors who just arrived This great hall guides the person who enters locating the division of activities, either on the right for the gastronomic sector of bar and restaurant on deck and balcony, or on the left for the games area, party hall, cafeteria and Market.

Natural lighting is fundamental to this architecture project. The longitudinally shaped block has ample lighting and ventilation across both sides of its entire length. All rooms open onto the marina in large glass spans. In the access Hall, light enters the wooden shaped hive roof, dripping down the stone walls and illuminating the internal garden. Artificial lighting was designed in conjunction with all architecture from the beginning. It has total harmony with the structural elements of wood, stone walls and gardens. The delicacy of the light in the precisely defined wooden hive quadrants stands out.


Material Used :
1. Wooden frames: Casa da Madeira
2. Flooring (Granite): S2R
3. Flooring (Cement): Solarium
4. Flooring (Ceramics): Gail
5. Flooring (Deck): Casa da Madeira

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