Lagravera Winery "¿Menos da una piedra?"

Lagravera Winery "¿Menos da una piedra?"

Sala Ferusic
Alfarràs, Spain | View Map
Année du projet

Lagravera Winery

Sala Ferusic en tant que Architectes.

La Gravera is a winery conceived under low cost criteria, where the optimization in energy and material means and resources become important. Economic sustainability usually comes together with environmental sustainability.

A warehouse of the 58, belonging to an old gravel quarry industry, is recovered to reactivate and transform it into a winery, through the disposal of industrial elements.

The construction elements must keep in scale economy and mass production, to minimize its impact on the environment and consequently to the economy, and they are organized under spatial, functional and higrothermal design criteria.

The project is structured regarding to the following points: a four-meter-high closet that organizes the service spaces, the action centre where human activity is assisted by machines and the zona 900, a welcome lounge with a striped carpet and a bright ceiling, underneath which the cellar is located, and where the control unit monitorizes the vineyard in real-time, and the design and pedagogy of the wine takes place.

In conclusion, this low cost criteria force us to claim: less (money) is more!

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