La Madrugada Bakery

La Madrugada Bakery

Laura Ortín Architecture
Beniaján, Murcia, Spain | View Map
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Adequacy of commercial space for bakery and workshop.

Laura Ortín Architecture en tant que Architect.

What is La Madrugada?

We wanted to do something just for Javier Moreno, a baker who works from the forefront recovering the tradition. We wanted an identity only for him.

The idea is thought between him and Rubio & del Amo, graphic designers. A series of parallel concepts appear around the night, the world of dreams…

There is talk of crafts, the manual, and also of the collective imaginary about the traditional bakery: the baker who gets up early in the morning and works during the night, in his own.

We wanted to run away from an aesthetic that reminds us the industrial designs or french pâtisseries.

On the one hand is the workshop, a large space where it is filled with machinery, trays with wheels and large floured tables to knead. In spite of the strict sanitary regulations we have been able to realize a kind and new aesthetic. The straight and curved walls are covered in cream tile. The floor is coated with traditional terrazzo, a material that we love for its strong and resistant character as well as an imperishable traditional aesthetic.

The store is projected as an emptying. Ceilings, walls and furniture are a curvilinear continuum that is manually coated with soft earth-colored microcement. That makes a dreamlike spatiality, something surreal makes the store wrap up you 360º, its softness, its fluffiness produces calm and well-being.

The curved bar receives you and slides you through the wide variety of products. A continuous and friendly flow that travels through the place invaded by familiar vibes.

The bakery is loaded with subtle messages that transport us to that world of real-unreal duality. In the background, an invented wheat field, the origin, crowned by a handmade clay lamp, surprises its lightness, worked as a filigree, thousands of precise holes show the light. This space is our favorite, it is that corner where you are comfortable, at home.

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