La Coquina cerveceria

La Coquina cerveceria

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Bring necessary modernismo (Modernisme català) architecture style-like creation

Doyle Collection en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

This Spanish cuisine restaurant serves shellfish dishes as main menu. It is located on the upper floor of a newly built commercial building in the middle of Shibuya, one of the representative cities in Japan. 

The design identity of this restaurant comes from the “Shellfish”. From this inspiration, we converted this image to the materials, patterns and forms. What is more, by enhancing the details of the Cataluña culture in Spain, which is deeply related to the sea, we have generated an extraordinary atmosphere, so- called the trinity of “Shellfish”, “Spain” and the “Sea”. 

From the keyword “Shellfish”, no two shellfish here are alike and by focusing on how they look when they are accumulated, we have also designed from the visual appearance side as well as from the aspect of how it would be like to be a shellfish itself. One good example is our ceiling design. We attempted to express the calming atmosphere by utilizing lustrous tiles, patterns and mirrors to describe when looking up from the ocean floor where the shellfish inhabit: the wavering water surface and the reflecting and refraction of the light. 

In order to suitably match the scenery outside (city view) the restaurant, we adopted mosaic mirrors and the sea anemones resembling lightings with rich in decorative steel ornaments. These technical lightings have blended well with the ornaments to bring necessary modernismo (Modernisme català) architecture style-like creation. 

When seen from the entrance, lies the waiting Bar. After walking around the Bar halfway, a gentle slope welcomes with an accent to the customer flow that leads to this space. In accordance with the physical elements of the location condition, the room itself feels as if floating in the atmosphere. We were able to create a restaurant with full of city-like and unexpected surprises. 

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