Kura Kura Badminton Courts

Kura Kura Badminton Courts

Studio Jencquel

Ibuku Bamboo Architecture and Design
Bali, Indonesia | View Map
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Kura Kura Badminton Courts

Studio Jencquel en tant que Architectes.

It was Studio Jencquel's initial concept/idea to conceive a convex roofline that would solve some of the ergonomic requirements needed for an indoor badminton court. At the center of the court, above the net, a height of 9m is required, and therefore the ceiling of this court was to mimic the trajectory of a shuttle-cock, resulting in a turtle-like curved shape. Other considerations affecting the shape and height of this roof where the need to allow airflow for cooling, while simultaneously stopping the wind, which would interfere with the shuttlecock’s flight. That’s why the buildings orientation was positioned in consideration of the predominant wind patterns, and the roof almost grazes the ground on two of its extremities. Bamboo was the obvious choice for such an organically shaped building in the tropics. ⁠

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