Krefeld Pavilion, Thomas Schütte

Krefeld Pavilion, Thomas Schütte

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Krefeld Pavilion

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Together with Düsseldorf-based artist Thomas Schütte, RKW Architektur + implemented the walk-in sculpture "Krefeld Pavilion" in Krefeld's Kaiserpark. The sculpture was erected as a contribution of the Projekt MIK e.V. initiative to the nationwide anniversary event "Bauhaus 100". It is the venue of the "Bauhaus and Silk Industry" exhibition, which was opened on April 7.

The walk-in sculpture "Krefeld Pavilion" in Krefeld's Kaiserpark is a wooden construction with the easily comprehensible basic shape of an octagon and a diameter of 15 meters. The pavilion is placed on a recessed plinth, which lends it an impression of floating lightness. Visitors enter the sculpture, which accommodates eight small rooms, via a flight of stairs. The independent, simple shape of the octagon evokes associations with chinoiserie or a nomad tent.

The project partners continued this step-by-step development process on the construction site. The pavilion is designed as a carpenter and woodwork structure in modular construction with a high degree of prefabrication so that the pavilion could be completed within seven months. The supporting structure consists of solid wood panels and a rafter roof truss. The roof was covered with metal on a substructure made of wooden formwork.

All solutions were developed, tested, and scrutinized on site. 1:1 model of details were created – the roof edge with zinc sheeting, the corner of the window connection – as well as sample areas for surface treatments and materials. Special features are the screw foundations, which enable easier dismantling after the Bauhaus anniversary year. The result is a walk-in sculpture as a key site for the activities and events of Projekt MIK e.V. on the occasion of the 2019 Bauhaus anniversary.

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