Kokosek Baby Store

Kokosek Baby Store

ul. Dyrekcyjna 3, Wrocław, Poland | View Map
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Patryk Lewiński

Kokosek Baby Store

mode:lina™ en tant que Architectes.

“Childhood is an extraordinary and magical time, full of challenges and countless adventures. We’d be delighted to be a part of it.” - that’s how Kokosek shop founders describe the entire undertaking, which mode:lina™ architects helped breathe into existence.

The space of this service providing facility is located at Dyrekcyjna 3 street - the heart of Wrocław. It posed quite a unique challenge - not so shapely form of the interior was cut through, down the middle, by three large pillars. Designers however ingeniously used this obstacle to creatively divide the space and allow for placing enough shelves that would, in turn, hold countless amounts of ecofriendly mascots, nature-friendly cosmetics, amazing toys and handmade rotang furniture.

Kokosek is the shop, which will assist you in preparing ideal school layettes for the kids, help with decorating dreams-worthy rooms for children, as well as take care of mothers’ unique needs by providing high quality products dedicated for them and their needs.

“We are the parents, that put harmonious and healthy child’s development at the pedestal”

In order to create space friendly for everyone, regardless of age, most of the store’s furniture were designed to be oval, organic shapes. In the central part a sort of arcade labyrinth emerged, where chosen trolleys can be easily taken for a little test drive. A full array of them are on the display in the backend wall of the local, set on a spacious, regular shelf. Aforementioned roundness can also be spotted in central’s island (made entirely out of terrazzo) form resembling paramecium.

The Kokosek store is a bright and utmost efortlessly designed space. Pastel powder like colors of the walls and furnitures directly resemble daredevil identifcation created by Lange&Lange duo. This palette is further supported by neutral concrete fooring, light and neutral fornir with copper embellishments and white ceiling enriched with cloud-shaped panels.

Longitudinal platforms, placed just behind the shopglass, create a natural scene for season based display and decorations crafted by Dodoplan project group. The project of Kokosek Store interior design is not only about answering investors’ dreams of creating the best baby store in Poland - it’s also about high quality material design of handpicked selection of products in it’s catalogue.

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