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Kokedama Forest by Nomad Studio

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Kokedama Forest is a 1,000 SQF miniature sculptural forest consisting of more than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas nested within an inverted dome carved out from a fragile and intricate metal network. Acting as a green amphitheater, the visitor is both a spectator and a protagonist which is simultaneously embraced by its peaceful parlance and invited to actively question her/his role at the center of that symbolic arena. 

Guests are welcomed to enter the micro-woodland and be surrounded by the levitating kokedamas: hundreds of seedlings proudly displaying their intimate relationship with soil supported by a 7.5 feet high three-dimensional metal structure. This assemblage is woven with steel inviting the contradictory blend of strength and delicacy that is implicit in all living networks. 

With Kokedama Forest, William E. Roberts and Laura Santín, founding partners of Nomad Studio, present a visual reflection upon the hidden importance of soil dwellers and how their indissoluble partnership with plants creates a suitable habitat for all of us. Soil is one of the key habitats of the planet which too often is undervalued despite being indispensable.

Kokedamas as a symbol of the relationship between plants and soil

Kokedamas(*) are a poetic materialization of the intimate relationship between soil and plants, an inspiring blend of nature and art. 

Nomad has found in Kazumi Garden, a family business that is at the forefront of the art of kokedamas in the United States, the perfect ally to hand craft the 1,200 kokedamas that are part of the ephemeral installation. "Kazumi’s respect and craftsmanship, as well as their commitment with beauty demonstrated both in their daily work and with the installation, make Kazumi’s family an indispensable part of Kokedama Forest without which it would not be possible", in the words of Nomad.

Similarly, Nomad counts on Timber Forge Woodworks, the custom design and craft fabrication workshop responsible for the assembly of the metal structure, and Pinelands Nursery, specialist in native plants for reforestation, that have supplied the autochthonous forestry seedlings.

(*) Kokedama. Kokedamas have their origins in Japan. In the Japanese language, kokedama translates to moss-ball, koke- meaning "moss" and dama- meaning "ball". 

Philadelphia Flower Show 2021: “Habitat, Nature’s Masterpiece”

Kokedama Forest will be on show between June 5 and 13 at the Philadelphia Flower Show, organized by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

The 2021 edition represents a historical moment for the flower show. After 193 years, the Flower Show is being held for the first time in an exterior location, the Philadelphia FDR Park, and it is emphasizing Design, Landscape Architecture and Art within the Design District. In addition to Nomad Studio, the Design District will host a diversity of design proposals from awarded national and international designers and artists related with landscape design, floral design and art.

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