KLMR Cultural Center

KLMR Cultural Center

Estudio Peña Ganchegui & Associates
Hernani, Spain
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KLMR Cultural Center

Estudio Peña Ganchegui & Associates en tant que Architectes.

The needs set by the City Council in the call for proposal: the Performing Arts Center, the Music School, and the Cultural Facilities, should relate to each other. Our proposal places the Music School and Cultural Facilities in a staggered series of wharehouse-like sheds, building a terraced topography, seeking the transition between the urban landscape and the natural one, with a sequence of pedestrian terraces contained in the bounding of the current slope. Stepped platform from which emerges the building that houses the Performing Arts Center, whose shape responds to the urban fabric in which it's integrated.

Flexible configuration:

The Music School and Cultural Facilities sections are distributed in the metallic structure sheds, intentionally arising an industrial ambient. Together they form a single building whose spaces have in common the need to facilitate the adaptation to change, even during everyday use of it.

Fluidity between spaces:

The overall design convey a sense of flow and connection between spaces, that are large and continuous, allowing flexibility and providing a relationship between the people who come to attend different activities. With this goal in mind, there are walkways and circulation spaces whose surface is dilated to allow activities that can simultaneously accommodate.

Bioclimatic response:

The building offers an excellent performance from bioclimatic point of view, due to the staggered shape, the north orientation and the partial burial condition, providing natural insulation and ensuring cross ventilation.

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