Kleineschholz Quarter

Kleineschholz Quarter

Dietrich | Untertrifaller
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Kleineschholz Quarter

Dietrich | Untertrifaller en tant que Architectes.

Our concept integrates a wide variety of living situations and building types, with a focus on low-cost housing. Families and singles, children, young and old, locals and newcomers live here. Urban craftsmen, self-employed and service providers work here. Together they form a stable, self-regulating social structure.


The "Residential Quarter West" is getting the character of a garden and gardening town. 5-8-story point houses, rows and townhouses (stacked maisonette apartments) form a chain of green residential courtyards.As semi-public spaces, they divide the quarter into social neighborhoods for 300 people each. The social centre is an urban square with local suppliers. Greenhouses on the roofs offer meeting opportunities and individual recreation spaces. The multi-story car park in the south and the underground collective garage in the north are accessed from outside the quarter.


The buildings of the "Residential Quarter East" are two stories higher to show strong presence at the intersection of two main roads. Two inner courtyards create semi-public spaces for the residents.


The staff housing estate for the university hospital forms an almost closed back along the main street. Intelligent soundproofing concepts upgrade the southern location along the street to use it for high-quality apartments.


The selection of all building materials is based on overall ecological and economic criteria. A high proportion of timber construction ensures a positive CO2 balance. The objective is to optimize the building over its entire life cycle. Planting and water areas, together with green roofs, facades and parking areas, improve the microclimate.

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