Klarendal multifunctional accommodation

Klarendal multifunctional accommodation

De Zwarte Hond
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Klarendal multifunctional accommodation

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The Klarendal multifunctional accommodation lies on the site of the Menno van Coehoornkazerne, a former military barracks at the centre of the Klarendal district in the town of Arnhem. Where in 1885 the infantry were quartered, today the residents of Klarendal play, learn, and relax. The accommodation offers a wide range of facilities, including a health centre, day-care centre, primary school, local shop, community centre, dance hall, kickboxing school, a NOC-NSF certified sports centre, and various offices and commercial premises.

The future users were involved in the design process right from the beginning, and this has resulted in a very lively and flexible building. At its heart lies an airy, multifunctional ‘street’ along which the various users are located, offering space for interchange and interaction. The primary school for example uses the street space for computer projects, and for the day-care centre it provides an ample playing area. The clear and simple routing ensures that everybody has a place of their own which they can easily locate.

The classrooms also feature higher ceilings as part of the school’s ambition of achieving a ‘fresh school class 2’ rating. High rooms and long spans contribute to the building’s flexibility and usability, both now and in the future.

The building’s design creates a new combination with the two existing barracks buildings, lending a new significance to the former military complex. This aspect has been emphasised by turning the space between the three buildings into an enclosed area for play and social interaction. The horizontal arrangement of the building’s three floors complements the existing barracks buildings, while at the same time making it stand out among its companions, giving it a separate identity all its own. The end of the building clearly shows off the contours of the roof, which incorporates the skylights of the central street. The balconies at the end of the central street and the entrances along the local square have been accentuated by deep reveals. The pale colour of the bricks and the special details of the masonry make for a modern building in this historic location.

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