KJUS Store Design, Beijing

KJUS Store Design, Beijing

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KJUS Flagship Store

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KJUS is a Swiss-based, internationally operating brand, targeting 35 to 50 year oldswho pursue high quality sportswear. 5 Star Plus Retail Designdesigned a KJUSflagship store in Beijing, which openedin December 2019.The design concept was created especially for the Asia market and will be used for future KJUS stores in China and possibly in other regions of Asia, Europe and North America. The flagship store includes multiple functions such as a VIP lounge area servinghigh-quality coffee, a display area, a storage area, fitting rooms, and more.


For the retail design concept, 5 Star Pluswanted to create a futuristic, high-tech and luxury feel. In order to achieve this, we used cool, modern, and high-end materials such as metal and stone. Using stone elements in retail fixtures and stone-look flooring helped to create a more luxury feeling to the store. Another important element which communicates luxury is to ensure there is enough empty space in the store, without displaying too many SKUs. In order to establish KJUS as a state of the art sportive luxury brand, we will use special lighting effects and technological advancements to explain product features, key products and collections.


Since the store’s locations is inside a shopping mall, it has to be eye catching and have a strong visual impact. Metal is used to emphasize the brand positioning of the KJUS store as a technological brand, and to help the brand stand out from its competitors. Although other KJUS stores typically use wood, in this scenario wood will not achieve a futuristic feelingas it is considered a classic material. However, using wood on a smaller-scale helps to draw a connection to the Switzerland-born brand. We are using a wooden background for some of the high-rack equipment, as well as wooden tables, which will help to create some warmth in an otherwise cool space.


In terms of accent colors, the two dominating colors that separate the store into two main functional zones. The main sales zone will have more grey colors, creatinga background for colorful clotheswhilstgeneratinga luxuryand futuristic appeal. Lounge and fitting rooms are “KJUS” orange to create colourful emphasis and to entice customers further into the store. This orange color balances the strong contrast and futuristic look in the front of the store.


The whole of the KJUS flagship store emphasizes the high quality and price of the product, so that consumers are aware it is a luxury brand. The new visual identity design has truly made a statement for KJUS in the Chinese sportswear market.

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