Kento Gran Vía 45

Kento Gran Vía 45

Gran Vía Marqués del Túria 45, 46005 Valencia, Spain | View Map
Année du projet
Luis Beltran

Kento’s fourth store

Masquespacio en tant que Concepteurs.

Kento Gran Vía is the last project from the Spanish take away sushi chain, designed by Masquespacio.


For this last project that was inaugurated in March 2019 we continue with the aesthetic parameters in search for new forms of presenting the interiors from the Asian food chain, maintaining its brand image and with the aim to surprise its clients with every new opening. This time the main materials used have been tiles of a bigger format and wood in semicircular strips already used in the previous interior design for Kento. This way we wanted to continue to introduce a new material for each Kento, but maintaining others that remind clearly to the brand’s previous interiors. The much more minimalist design for this space, although creates a strong contrast with the metallic green and gold colors applied on the different furniture and lighting elements.


In conclusion, the last Kento opening presents another version of the brand specialized in sushi, staying faithful to the corporate identity, but always looking to surprise their clients.

Material Used :

1. Decorative Lighting: Designed by Masquespacio, local production
2. Technical Lighting: Onok Lighting
3. Fridges: Muñoz Bosch
4. Tiles: Complemento
5. Tables: Designed by Masquespacio, local production
6. High Stools: Designed by Masquespacio, local production

Crédits de projet
Client, Contractor
Fiche technique du produit

FridgesMuñoz Bosch
Technical LightingOnok Lighting
Fiche technique du produit
Technical Lighting
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