Business center with P+R garage

KCAP en tant que Urbanistes.

The 'Kennedy Business Center' is an ensemble of office buildings that shares a plinth with a Park+Ride garage close to Eindhoven railway station. There are five parallel construction zones set perpendicular to the railway line. Four individual buildings were realized here, forming a harmonious whole thanks to the application of a building code. The vaulted roof of the car park provides a varied ground level for entrances and amenities. A diagonal path traverses the complex, establishing a new link between the station and the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Between the railway embankment and car park there is a service road that provides access to the car park.

The basis is the shared P+R (Park and Ride) garage, a varied space which can be compartmentalised and has a vaulted roof that allows daylight to flood in. The roof of this garage forms a raised deck and connects to the south with the level of the railway embankment and slopes upward towards the southwest, where it forms a mixed-use urban plinth. The ground level has a vibrant atmosphere thanks to the transparency of the ground floor of the buildings which contain as many lively and public functions as possible, such as reception desks and canteens.

In order to achieve a balanced and high-quality image, conditions were imposed with respect to the character and appearance of the buildings. Though there was a free choice of materials, the buildings had to be realised in natural shades of grey, for example in natural stone, plain concrete, unprocessed metal or sand-blasted glass.

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