Kellogg´s Bremen Germany

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects en tant que Architectes.

The „Überseestadt“ in Bremen is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects with 300 hectares of land and one of its outstanding port regeneration projects. 
Within the area there is the peninsula „Überseeinsel“, bordered by the Europahafen to the north-east, the River Weser to the south-west and the former Kellogg operating area to the south-east - a new urban quater offering room for commercial development, new education infrastructure, leisure activities and attractive public spaces in a wonderful setting right on the waterfront.
The area used formerly by Kellogg’s is centraly located in close proximity to Bremen’s city centre and has created a significant amount of potential for urban development .
A characteristic feature of this quarter are the existing silos and the former Reishalle nearby.

The conversion of the buildings, the silos into a hotel and the Reishalle into a market,enables a unique experience on the Weser.
Both buildings have a varied range of gastronomic offers located on the ground floor, an organic supermarket, terraces on the Weser and an own brewery. 
The overground traffic is limited to collections or deliveries to keep the character of the free spaces around the Kellogg ´s Hotel and the market hall.
With focus on the the quality of stay the priority is given to the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. For the vehicles, an underground car parking with two entrances is planned.


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