Kasturi Pride

Ishwar Gehi en tant que Architect, interior and landscape design .

Kasturi Pride is a luxurious high rise residence located in the most Porsche is of the city. It is a project by the meet builders: one of the most reputed builders in Saurashtra. The residential project has a small clubhouse fulfilling the leisure requirements of the owners.


It has 44-4 bhk flats all of the same area and each having the unique personal car parking on individual floor. The design of the residence is so intricately and functionally carved that it gives an out of the world feel to its residents.


Site, context, and climate
The site located in the most expensive land area and in the city center, it was the prime requirement of the builder to make use of the site to the fullest and to its best. Rajkot having a very hot and dry climate: the architect had to design it in the most climate favorable way to keep the heat in control once the resident arrives in the premises.


In order to keep the environment cool, calm and serene: the architect placed the towers very appropriately and designing the courtyard to bring down the inside temperature by plantations and water-body.


Design concept
The duty of an architect is to give life to the buildings and make it an excellent place for the residents to live in. The optimum use of the land area and with a luxurious touch to its each segment by incorporating a modern aesthetic was the prime design concept for the architect.


Since the architect had to design the residence for the high-end users of the city, the most important challenge was to give it a unique and iconic design element which was functional as well as useful. In order to cater the needs of the customers and for the optimum use of the land area, providing individual car parks on each floor is a major design element for the project.



The entire site has been divided in two main areas

  1. The private area:- only for the actual users and accessible only by them which is all pedestrian and includes the courtyard and the clubhouse.
  2. The vehicular area: surrounding the building that is the drive-way for the vehicles and accessible by the guests.

The entire circulation in the site has been designed keeping in mind: minimum vehicular area and maximum usable and private area for the users. The landscaped courtyard with the clubhouse being the heart of the project is surrounded by the vehicular drive-way keeping it vehicular free.


The centralized courtyard is placed with an objective of obtaining an elegant view from all the flats on all the floors. The main entry bifurcates the pedestrian pathway and the vehicular drive-way by a systematic landscape leading the person to a very decent entrance foyer followed by a reception area.


Landscape and architecture
For Ar. Ishwar Gehi: landscape is the most integral part of any project giving it the life it needs. For him, architectural building and landscape must go hand-in-hand to balance the design. Providing a very welcoming entry supported by the greens is a key feature to impress the client. Functional space design with a blend of landscape in a modern touch is what Mr. Gehi intended to design in this project.


The landscaped courtyard with random seating to enjoy the view all time supported by the water-body and the greens is what that balances the entire built structure on the west and north of the site.


The courtyard being a complete private area for the users and the clubhouse being its center of attraction is what amuses one daily. The plantations on each floor blend the built environment with the green one making it a live structure.


Details of the clubhouse

The clubhouse has amenities like:

  1. Gymnasium on the ground floor
  2. Spa with steam, massage and jacuzzi in the lower level
  3. Theatre on the first floor
  4. Game zone on the second floor

Material Used :
1. Compound Wall: Natural Sand Blasted Jaisalmer Stone
2. Main Entry Sloping Roof: Jaisalmer Stone (Customised And Cut As Per Use)
3. Deck Area: Jaisalmer Stone Cladding
4. Reception Foyer: 12”X12” Porcelain Rustic Finish Tiles
5. Exterior Color: Asian Paint
6. Sanitary Fitting: Toto
7. Bathroom Fitiings: Hansgrohe
8. Glass Fitting: Saint Gobain

Crédits de projet
Architect, interior and landscape design
Fiche technique du produit

Bathroom FitiingsHansgrohe SE
Sanitary FittingTOTO
Exterior ColorAsian Paints
Glass FittingSaint-Gobain Glass HQ
Fiche technique du produit
Bathroom Fitiings
Sanitary Fitting
Exterior Color
Glass Fitting
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