JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

Matteo Thun & Partners
Venice, Italy | View Map
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Matteo Thun & Partners

Secco Sistemi SPA

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Integrated systems for doors, windows, shutters and façades.Secco Sistemi SPA
Towel wamer supplierScirocco H srl
TilesCasalgrande Padana
Architecture, Unicolore
Garden BedEthimo
FabricantsRoda SRL

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Integrated systems for doors, windows, shutters and façades.
4F 2, EBE 65, OS2 65, Termica Up by Secco Sistemi SPA
Towel wamer supplier
Look by SIMES
Garden Bed
Essenza by Ethimo

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

Matteo Thun & Partners en tant que Architectes.

An island becomes a 266 rooms hotel. Deep in nature and history, gazing at the Venice Lagoon-scape. Water, slowness and silence. Ten minutes by boat from San Marco.

JW Marriott Island of Roses - Venice

Secco Sistemi SPA en tant que Integrated systems for doors, windows, shutters and façades..

On one of the largest islands in the Venice lagoon, boasting 16 hectares of vegetable gardens, orchards and gardens, the leading resort in Italy with a prestigious international brand in the hotel industry resulted in the regeneration of the entire island, with a master plan that not only restored the early twentieth century architecture but also protected the landscape.

The project preserved and enhanced the character of each building: the pavilions of the former hospital, the church, the director’s house, but also the boat storage areas, the former warehouses, the recreational area and the piezometric tower.

The strengths of the project include the view of Venice and the relationship between the comfortable, elegant interiors with the green: outstanding elements are therefore the large panoramic glass windows – with the 4F 2 façade systems -, the doors and windows – made with the 0S2 and EBE systems, and either lift and slide, fixed, casement or tip and turn – offering diverse solutions for each façade and each building, thus resolving any problems linked to the conservative restoration of notified buildings, surrounded by the water and saline, corrosive air of the lagoon.

The radiators designed by Scirocco H land at the JW Marriott Venice Spa & Resort

Scirocco H srl en tant que Towel wamer supplier.

Scirocco H, company specialized in the design and production of designer radiators has been chosen, with its Winter towel heater, to furnish some of the most luxurious bathrooms of the JW Marriott Venice Spa & Resort.

The complex built in Venice on the Isola delle Rose, with a splendid and exclusive view on Venice and the Lagoon, is the first Italian and European structure branded JW Marriott, luxury brand of the Marriott International hotel chain. The resort has been built in collaboration with the multi-award winning architecture studio Matteo Thun & Partners who has taken care of every small detail. Made up of 250 rooms, a 1750mq SPA, a panoramic pool and 4 restaurants, it allows its guests to experience staying in a private island that can be reached only via private shuttle.

It is also possible to choose between 5 different types of rooms that feature a unique-style furniture and panoramic views, some rooms even have a garden and a private pool.

Winter by Scirocco H, thanks to its design and resistance and brass quality, its noble construction material, perfectly adapts to the valued and contemporary, yet elegant, style of the resort. The historical buildings already present on the island, in fact, have been renovated and redeveloped through the use of a sustainable architecture that has accentuated its elegance and modernity.

Discreet and essential, Winter is a towel heater with a unique minimal design, made up by columns and square-section horizontal tubes. The strong point is the innovative link system between the columns and the tubes designed specifically as a replacement for the traditional welding technique. Perfect for those who love geometrical shapes, simple and functional yet observable, Winter alone is able to furnish a whole bathroom.

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