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For many years now, the Hunke family has been operating a successful jewelleryand optician business within the inner city of Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. In order to retain their leading position in the region’s market and to lay a foundation for future generations, a consolidation of the jewellery, watch and optician departments was required. Three aging family-owned buildings were transformed into a sustainable and future-compliant retail store. At the request of the owners, we incorporated both their family tradition and the building’s history into the interior design, resulting in very personal and calm rooms of high quality. In close collaboration with the builders, we created iconographic and vivid sales and show rooms, spreading over a total area of 750m2 (8073 ft2). Previously separated facilities were combined into a conclusive floor plan, asthe listed building of former court jewellerKiesel as well as parts of the backyard with its historic royal silversmith shop were integrated. In line with regulations for listed buildings, the entire storefront received an extensive reconstruction, allowing for a smooth integration into the surrounding inner-city development.

The jewellery and optician departments each form an independent unit with cohesive visuals and distinguished colours and materials, reflecting their differing product ranges and target groups.

The jeweller’s shop can be accessed via Kirchstraße. A versatile offer on space arises from zoning around the Kieselhaus and the heterogeneity of the floor plan. A narrow and cosy section to the right of the entrance presents the watches. Clad with braided brass, the listed former Kiesel building provides an authentic background for the products on display, emphasising craftmanship and high-quality materials. To the left, the spacious jewellery section with its soft curtains and loose carpet over polished fair-faced screed welcomes customers with subdued elegance and a relaxed atmosphere. Here, the entrance area’s interplay of smooth marble and flowing curtain segments along with braided metals are at the centre of attention. On the opposite wall, a three-dimensional plaster relief lures visitors into the rear area of the shop with its fascinating play of light and shadows.

Past the checkout area and coffee bar, the room unfolds into a two-storey atrium, which replaces the old courtyard as a spatialconnector between the old silversmith shop and the Kieselhaus. This is where the diversity of materials and facets reachesits peak and history comes alive in a visual experience. Mouth-blown glass lights trickle down from the ceiling like raindrops with a glow of gold, drawing the view upwards.

Glimmering reflections of light on a glossy black wall with rhythmic openings lend an aura of mystery to the room. Reminiscent of the rich history of the goldsmith’s craftmanship and material, a gilded ceiling section shines down on the room like an eternal sun.The bare brick wall of the old silversmith shop beautifully contrasts with new smooth surfaces and the metal-coated façade of the historic Kieselhaus. Three luxurious consulting zones in the atrium welcome high-price segment customers with classy leathersurfaces and brass elements, while a comfortable lounge area invites visitors to pause in a premium yet relaxed atmosphere.

The Kieselhaus marks a central point within the floor plan. Hidden on the inside, the more than 100-year-old “guteStube” with its original historic furnishing now serves as a consulting area for the watch segment. A high-value Rolex brand presentation can be found in the rear area, whereas a writing on the warm rose-toned wall drawsattention to the renewed historical staircase to the upper floor. The “wall of love” on the opposing staircase wall accompanies visitors on their way up with name pairs that represent the power of love, regardless of gender or nationality.

Upon arrival, the first floor reveals a furnishing concept of respectful contrasts. On the one hand, we find black wooden cabinets that were already employed by the purveyor to the court Kiesel in his ancient silversmith shop as well as a dark lapis lazuli toned colour palette. On the other hand, the wedding ring consulting area presents itself in an innocent white colour spectrum. Spatial openings offer a viewinto the lower level and lend a light atmosphereto the exhibition area despite the low ceilings.

Since day one, the Hunke family has been committed to providing customers with unique jewellery that highlights the owner’s individual personality. With the new jeweller’s shop, we created a shining treasure chest that fits their philosophy perfectly. Fashion lovers and individualists appreciate theexcellent selection of glasses in Hunke’s optician department, which also includes a variety of young and trendy products in the sunglasses division. Our choice of materials and colours for the optician echoes the appeal of the jewellery and watch department, but also introduces a distinctive and urban identity.

Large windows grant a maximum view into the prestigious shop interior, which in turn becomes part of the shop window itself. Colourful luminous perspex shelvesattract the customers eyes and generate curiosity. The entrance from Aspergerstraße, a lively street, leads straight to the central service area and the nearby coffee bar. Positioning the service section in the heart of the room emphasises Hunke’s customer-friendly philosophy of individual consultingand personal contact. Also, in a relaxed atmosphere like this it is easy to intensify customer relations in a casual manner.

Colourful shelves zone the areas for sunglasses, corrective spectacles and the lounge, whereas bright red shelving marks the transition to the jewellery department and the staircase to the upper level. Well-illuminated cabinets in front of dark curtains inspire connotations of make-up tablesand set a perfect stage to present the glasses. Unobtrusive black cabinets offer plenty of storage space for the wide product range, while the combination of angular shapes, integrated mirrors and soft fabrics creates an ambience of familiarity.

Depending on the desired level of privacy, the shop offers a variety of consulting areas: integrated zones along the façade, separated alcoves or tables at the rear end or the coffee bar are available to customers. In addition, spontaneous buyers can simply ask for professional advice directly at the cabinets.

The entire shop floor is covered with polished fair-faced screed. Loose carpets signal consulting areas and make customers feel at home. Dark wood, lapis lazuli and rose quartz tones contrast with colourful bright perspex and luminous white cabinets, defining the character of the room. In coordination with the builders, we created welcoming interior spaces with high quality materials, forming a perfect and luxurious framework for eachwatch, pair of glasses and piece of jewellery in Hunke’s collection. In a one-of-a-kind fusion, ourconcept combines past and futureelements and building parts into a sustainable retail concept for Hunke’s family business in Ludwigsburg.

Juwelier Hunke

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The Hunke family has been running successful optical and jewelry business in individual buildings for many years in the city center of Ludwigsburg, Germany. In order to remain at the top of their field, the family decided to consolidate their three family-owned buildings that supported the jewelry, optic, and watch portions of the business. The end-result is a stunning, sustainable, and modern retail store. The interior design of the new Hunke Jewelers incorporates both the building’s history and family traditions. Every room feels very personal and cozy while representing high quality product.

Cladding many walls from floor to ceiling in Hunke Jewelry is Banker Wire’s antique brass plated S-12 decorative wire mesh. The secondary finished wire mesh adds a beautiful and subtle movement to the space while giving a soft glint from the reflecting lights. The S-12 decorative mesh pattern is a robust mesh that can be woven in stainless or plain steel. When a secondary finish is applied, S-12’s texture stands out in brilliant detail.

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